Samsung patented a new method to apply an iris camera in a smartphone. Can we see this tech in the Galaxy S9?

Samsung Electronics has applied for a patent entitled, “Electronic device with iris camera.” The original patent was applied for on July 29, 2016 in Korea, and the English patent was filed with WIPO on 27 July 2017, which was published on Thursday, 1st Feb. 2018. Most of the patents written in Korean, but this is entirely written in English, which indicates that Samsung will most likely want to use this technology in its new flagship devices; the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

A few days ago a video appeared on the internet about the so-called Intelligent Scan functionality. Although the patent does not literally speak of ‘Intelligent Scan’, we do come across a similar image in this patent.

However, there is no mention of a combination of face recognition with an iris scanner. However, both eyes and part of the face are scanned.

The patent first spotted by the website, letsgodigital, according to the patent, the Samsung Galaxy smartphone will be equipped with an iris camera, a light source module (IR LED) and a remote sensor.

As soon as a user is at a certain distance from the device (measured by the proximity sensor), the infrared light source module and the iris camera will be switched on to take a picture of the iris. The camera is able to register both eyes, as well as a part of the face. Because the distance to the user is determined first, the camera can be set automatically so that the iris has a certain size. In addition, the light sensor ensures that the darkest part of the iris can also be read.

According to the company, this technology is safer than before. The patent does not make clear whether this method also works faster than before. This method is not only applicable in a smartphone. The patent also talks about the possible integration of an iris camera into a tablet, an e-reader, a video phone and / or a computer (desktop or laptop PC).

Samsung has already equipped its Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 devices with an iris scanner. However, there have been rumors that this function on the Samsung Galaxy S9 is being improved. The patent applied for is therefore in line with previously published information.

You can view patent here.

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